Don't Have Enough Time to Work on Government Marketplace GeM ?

GeM Workshop for officials of Lok Sabha & Rajya Sabha Secretariats

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Don't Have Enough Time to Work on Government Marketplace GeM ?

GeM Training at Pride, Lok Sabha Secretariat

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Don't Have Enough Time to Work on Government Marketplace GeM ?

GeM Training at SDRF Uttar Pradesh

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Don't Have Enough Time to Work on Government Marketplace GeM ?

GeM Training at Bidz365

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Bidz365 Achievements

  • Our services have helped over 4000 clients successfully participated in government tenders.
  • We are the only Private company in India to have provided GeM training to officials from prestigious institutions like Lok Sabha & Rajya Sabha Secretariat, SDRF Uttar Pradesh & Indian ARMY.
  • Our director Rohit Semwal's YouTube channel has garnered over 16 lakh views, showcasing our expertise and thought leadership.
  • As the leading private GeM Portal consultant in India, we have submitted more than 30,000 tenders on behalf of our clients.
  • Our expert-led professional team has a proven track record of delivering exceptional results and achieving success in government tendering.
About Bidz365

Things we do well

We at Bidz365, understand that the process of submitting gems can be quite challenging for businesses who lack the time, resources and understanding of the procedures. However, our company believes that these reasons should never come in the way of displaying one’s strengths, competencies and fulfilment of business objectives. Therefore, we extend our services in the form of personalized assistance for the procurement of goods and projects to potential businesses. We assist firms with outsourcing, managing bids and gem submissions with governmental departments.At Bidz365, We’ll help you take the first step and conquer the the latest hurdle.

Government e Marketplace GeM

The Government e Marketplace GeM can be quite tricky for both new and users unfamiliar with its functionalities. We make it easier for businesses to exhibit their products and services on the GeM portal. We are well adept with the features and workings of GeM. Avail our services to grow your business on GeM and get direct orders.

  • GeM Registration (Both OEM & Reseller)
  • 100% Profile Verification
  • Brand Registration
  • Catalogue Management
  • OEM Panel
  • Vendor Assessment
  • Tendering Process on GeM
  • Business Development
  • Dedicated account Manager

Tender Participation Service

Our team of experts track a plethora of sources including e-portals, newspapers and public notices to obtain information regarding GeM announcements of various categories to ensure that you don’t miss any opportunities. We help our clients acquire the right contracts by guiding them at every step of GeM submission. We also submit GeM on your behalf. With our services, we try to eliminate all inaccuracies. Our aim is to take you through an error-free GeM submission.

  • Help to register with government departments
  • GeM Writing & Bid writing service
  • Complete case study
  • Identification of eligibility/pre qualification criteria
  • Help to prepare GeM documents
  • Online bid submission
  • Knowledge transfer
  • Hassle Free GeM submission
  • Dedicated account manager

Tenders & Bidding

Catalogue Management

We help firms in managing their catalogue of products and services in a structured manner and as per buyer’s required format.

Tender Submission/Bidding Consultancy

We assist firms that lack the technical competencies and knowledge of government contracting by supervising and submitting tenders on their behalf.

Tendering Process On GeM

We supervise the tender submission process at GeM portal in a timely and effective manner by ensuring complete documentation, upload of responses before deadline, and eliminating discrepancies.

Personalized Support

We offer personalised support to businesses by helping them identify category-specific relevant opportunities, assistance at every step and addressal of queries.

Reduce Your Manpower Cost

We provide outsourcing of bidding services to firms that lack proper structure and manpower for the government contract.

How it Works?

Eligibility alone won’t get you a government contract! You need an intelligent strategy and proper execution plan to get past the hurdles!


You identify the right project and opportunity that you would like to bid for.


We help you in reviewing your requirements and submissions.

Information Gathering

We assist you with information gathering and document collection depending upon the project requirements and selection criteria.

Quality Assurance

We make necessary improvisations for quality assurance by complying with the policy standards and rules.


We complete the narrative responses based on your information, our knowledge and expertise, and research.

Why Choose Bidz365 for Management of Your GeM Portal Account

Outsourcing quantitative tasks can often be a wise decision. GeM involves numerous complex activities and tasks, and seeking expertise can help save time and effort for any organization.

It is essential to recognize that GeM is a specialized platform that requires a deep understanding of its processes, policies, and regulations. This knowledge can take a considerable amount of time and effort to acquire, particularly for organizations that are new to the platform. By outsourcing to experienced professionals, organizations can avoid the learning curve and get up to speed quickly.

Outsourcing also enables organizations to focus on their core competencies, allowing them to allocate their resources more efficiently. This approach ensures that they can remain competitive in their respective industries and maximize their chances of success on GeM.

In conclusion, outsourcing quantitative tasks, particularly when it comes to specialized platforms such as GeM, can be an effective strategy for organizations looking to save time and effort while maximizing their chances of success

What We have Already Done on GeM Portal for Various Different Clients
Happy Clients

Tenders Submitted

Bid & Tender Specialists

Why Choose Us ?
  • Get successful outcomes in a competitive market, with the help of our reliable tools and techniques for the bidding process.
  • Discover latest deals and secure the best projects appropriate to your category using our goal-oriented approach.
  • Avail personalized solutions to increase your winning potential and speed up the procurement process.
  • 4+ years of deep expertise and skills with complete knowledge of the bidding and contracting industry.
  • Witness a seamless and hassle-free tender submission experience.
  • We are committed to providing users with adequate knowledge and skills required for successful bidding and tender procedures.
  • A team of certified professionals who have relevant industry experience and knowledge.
  • Avoid the pain of prolonged procedures and excessive documentation.
  • Submit fully compliant bids that satisfy client requirements.
  • Receive optimal results with our customer-centric approach.
Trusted by Clients

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  • Still stucked with vendor assessment? Wants to activate your OEM Panel?
  • Protect your Brand on GeM and get full command over it.
  • Unable to find your product category on GeM?
  • Don’t have enough time to work on GeM?
Service Benefits
Customer Centric
Customer Centric
Get an edge over your competitors
Get an edge over your competitors
Ananlytic Report
Ananlytic Report
Work Proactive
Work Proactive
Capacity Building
Capacity Building
Skill Transfer
Skill Transfer
Ensuring a Compliant Bid
Ensuring a Compliant Bid
Post GeM Reviews
Post GeM Reviews
Experienced Bid Writers
Experienced Bid Writers
Increase your reach in Govt Department
Increase your reach in Govt Department
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