Save time and effort by letting our Bid Experts handle the day-to-day operations of your Government Tenders.

We at Bidz365 are striving to help you fathom the process of procurement of goods and projects for potential businesses. We offer customized assistance to individuals and firms with outsourcing, managing, bids, and submissions with government departments. Our services are utmost customer-centric so that they get an edge over the competitors. We generate analytical reports to keep the pace of work proactive. Our services include capacity building of the firm/individual and skill transfer as well. Ensuring a compliant bid is also covered by us. Post reviews and experienced bid writers shall increase your chances of maneuvering the lanes of government departments.

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Tender Participation Service

We do track an array of e-portals, newspapers, and public notices for gathering, sorting and filtering information. We do submit on your behalf too. Online bid submission, knowledge transfer, dedicated account manager, and comprehensive case study are all assisted by us. Most of the clients are slightly clueless as to how to register with the government departments in the first place. Well, we have got that covered for you. From pre-qualification criteria to document assortment, we shall guide you through the maze of successful bid submissions.

Benefits of Tender Participation Service
    1. Ensuring a Compliant Bid
    2. Avoid painful documentation work, you can continue to focus on your core business
    3. Hassle free tender submission
    4. Ensure consistency of content
    5. Skills Transfer
    6. Support from dedicated account manager
    7. Post Tender Reviews
    8. Reduce your manpower cost
    9. Experienced Bid Writers
    10. Cost Effective