Simplify the process of selling to the Government of India with our expert GeM Portal consulting services.

The marketplace is a dicey and complicated domain to work around; hence, Bidz365 helps in registration (OEM and re-seller), 100% profile verification, brand registration, catalogue management, OEM panel, vendor assessment, and so on. The aim is to exhibit your products and services with utmost clarity and better visibility on the portal.
To tender the process for business development, we do provide you with a dedicated account manager. We offer services in identifying suitable contracts, and we help eradicate inaccuracies in the document sorting and submission process.

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Government e Marketplace GeM

To tender the process for business development we do provide you with a dedicated account manager. We provide services in identifying the right contract and we help in eradicating inaccuracies in the document sorting and submission process.

In this hyper-competitive market, what we aid the clients with are reliable tools to detect the latest deals and help them shape a goal-oriented approach to develop a winning potential. Our team consists of domain professionals with relevant industry experience and expertise so that you receive optimal results and avoid lengthy procedures and wrong documentation.

Key Steps on GeM

  • Registration on GeM
  • Vendor Assessment on GeM
  • OEM Panel Activation
  • Brand Approval on GeM
  • Product Listing on GeM
  • Service Listing on GeM
  • Tendering Process on GeM
  • Direct Purchase on GeM
  • Order Management
  • Incident Management
About Bidz365
About Bidz365

How to Participate in GEM Bidz?

Once Sellers/Service provides upload product on GeM or their services, they’ll be able to see the list of BID/RA, all different tenders available, and Purchase Requisitions on GeM by various buying parties that are available for the product/service in the GeM Portal they have listed. They can simply start bidding on GeM Portal. Based on their discretion, Sellers and Service Providers can Participate in GeM Bids.

Type of GeM Bids and Methods for Procurement on GeM Portal

#Note: As per GFR 149, following are the type of procurements currently available to all the Buyers and Sellers on GeM Portal:-

Direct Purchase on GeM

Direct Purchase Orders- Upto INR 25,000 are Direct Purchase Orders can be done. But, if the buyer wants, then they can do BID/RA as well.

Purchase Requistion / L1 On GeM

Purchase Requistion / L1 – Between INR 25,000 and INR 5 lacs buyer can opt for purchase requisition / L1 where lowest quote vendor will be selected. But, if the buyer wanted to go in for BID/RA they are allowed to do so.

Bid/RA Only Available

Above INR 5 lacks, Buyer should go in for BID/RA only. In a reverse auction, the buyer puts up a request for a required good or service and the Lowest Price often takes the deal.

Different Type of GeM Bids

Regular Bids Including Bunch Bids and Bid+5 Parameters

Buyer can initiate BID for specific product category existing in GeM Portal so that all eligible vendor/OEM can participate.

  • For single product category BID can be initiated by the Buyer
  • For pre defined bunch of product categories bunch BID can be created by the buyerFor product category where the existing parameters are not sufficient enough then buyer can create a BID and add additional 5 parameters so that vendor can provide declaration confirming their product will adhere to those additional parameter values

Custom Bids on GeM Portal

In case product category is not existing and buyer wanted to create BID then buyer can create custom BID so that buyer can create custom category request and vendor can upload product against the same and participate in BID

BoQ (Bill of Quantity) Bids on GeM Portal

Where no product is available currently in category and buyer wanted to combine product and services together then buyer can create BOQ so that based on the technical requirement vendor will participate in BOQ BID.

Different Type of RA on GeM Portal

Regular RA (Reverse Auction)

In case buyer have complete knowledge of marketplace of t he product and identify the base price then they can opt for Regular RA where by all the eligible vendors are allowed to quote discount on the base price and maximum discounted quoted vendor will be identified as L1

Bid to RA on GeM Portal

While creating BID buyers are having option to select BID to RA where by post technical evaluation, buyer can opt for BID to RA whereby out of the qualified vendors 50% of them will be eligible to participate in RA and this 50% evaluation will be based on low price quoted by the vendor. Please note that only financial evaluation will be there

GeM RA where More than 1 Vendor Quoted L1 Price

In case of best price option and regular BID where RA is not opted by the buyer and more than one vendor quoted L1 Price then system allows the buyer to opt for reverse auction

Who can Participate in GeM Bids?

Any registered Vendor/OEM on GeM is Eligible to participate in the GeM Tenders initiated by the Buyers.

Know Before you Participating or Bidding on GeM

  • All Sellers can participate in BID/RA who comply with the process defined by the GeM Portal Framework.
  • All Relevant Documents Required as per ATC (Additional Terms and Conditions) of the BID /RA should be provided.
  • There will not be any direct Interactions between the Buyer and the Seller until the contract is awarded to the selling party.
  • Options to directly create a BID or directly create a RA or convert BID to RA are available for the Sellers.
Reverse Auctions | Participate in GeM Bids as Seller

The RA Module of GeM is a tool provided to the Buyer(s) for ensuring that it gives an opportunity to all Eligible Vendors to quote the maximum discount that they can be provide on the basic price.

GeM Bidding Process for Sellers

We are here to help you 7 days a week and will respond within 24 hours. Plus, you can find most answers to your questions right on this page.

  • As per the Requirements of the Buyer, All the relevant documents are to be submitted before the due date.
  • Technical Evaluation – The Buyer evaluates all the support Documents including self declarations submitted by the Seller and informs in case of deficiency. On the due date the buyer publishes the technically qualified and unqualified vendors for the said tenders.
  • Financial Evaluation – Based on the pricing quoted by the qualified sellers, the results are Published.
GeM Bidding Process for Buyers

Both the GeM Portal Registration and the GeM Portal Bidding procedure are somewhat very Complex and Complicated. Hence, you’ll need proper guidance. Hopefully, this will help you with the basics of the Procedure but if you need any help, We’re just a call away. Let’s get started!

Step 1: Login to Your Account to Initiate the GeM Portal Bidding Process

After the GeM Portal Registration, login to by creating an account. It’s an easy Procedure. You’ll need to provide your Information and Credentials (Name, Date of Birth, etc.) Choose a Username. Choose a password for the sake of the protection of your account as well. Login On GeM.

Step 2: Search for the Product you want to bid on GeM Portal

Once you’re In. You’ll See a “Search” Icon/Option at the top. There are 2 different ways to use the same. To begin with, you can click on the “Categories” section on the Site. You’ll find a list of options available there. You’ll need to click on one of them.

You can also manually type the name of the product you want to bid upon and click on the “search” option. Hopefully, you will find out the Product you’re looking fo

Step 3: Choose the Product you want to bid on GeM Portal

Post Searching, Your Product(s) will show under the L1 Category. If you’re buying items made in India, then be sure to click on the “Made in India” section. Before you can bid on something, you will need a comparison.

For example, if you are procuring a PC/ Laptop, you’ll need to choose 3 other models within the same Price Range. With such a Step, you’ll be able to find the best offerings available under the amount you are willing to pay.

To Compare, Click on the “Compare” option first. You can find it Post clicking on the Product. You’ll get to find various other options on your screen. You can now compare these side by side properly in a tabular UI.

Step 4: GeM Bid On the Product once Selected

After the comparison procedure, tap on “add to cart” Option which is available under the product you have selected. A new tab will open, You’ll need to tap on the “proceed to checkout” option there.

You’ll only see the “Bid” Button there, Click and You’ll done with it. There will be the comparison sheet along with it. You may download it if you wish to change your mind later.

Conclusion of GeM Bids

New sellers may have the misconception that they can participate in GeM bids immediately after completing their GeM Portal Registration. However, in reality, there is a sequential process that needs to be followed before they can engage in bidding and complete business transactions on the platform.

It's important to note that there are several steps involved in becoming a fully operational GeM seller. These steps include providing necessary information, getting the required documents verified, creating a product catalog, and completing other formalities. Only after completing these steps can a seller participate in GeM bids and complete business transactions.

Therefore, it is essential for new sellers to be aware of the sequential process and ensure that they complete all the necessary steps before bidding on GeM. By doing so, they can maximize their chances of success on the platform and build a sustainable business.