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About our Training Studio

In order to become the best, keep the basics right!

We are providing extensive training sessions for everyone, right from the basics. Our training includes various topics, tenders and processes to provide government bids to businesses and to help our students so that they can learn and become an expert in this field. We provide complete knowledge and training about the GeM Training platform!

Our bids and GeM trainers help us to deliver even the minute details so that there are no lapses. Our trainers are passionate to tell you all about GeM Training and guide you towards more opportunities. With their experience and use of simple language, it's easier than ever for anyone to learn about GeM Training!

Challenges while learning about GeM Training

  • Time Consuming and prone to errors.
  • Complexity and hard to use platform.
  • Preparing various catalogs can be time consuming and objectionable if not done right.
  • Preparing a compliant and acceptable bid is challenging.
  • Listing fresh items or products in GeM Training needs to fulfill certain criterias.
  • Finding new bids is tough on GeM Training. Lack of knowledge and technical skills can result in loss of business and capital
  • Having the least idea about GeM Training and how it works.
  • Winning ratio is low after filling a number of tenders.
  • Service listings are confusing at times to understand.
  • If you do not have a creative profile on GeM Training, your bids might get less response as the profile isn't appealing.

Topics we cover in our training

When it comes to learning, every bit counts!

We provide the most extensive and detailed syllabus for our candidates. Here's a list of topics we cover.

  • Introduction to GeM Training.
  • Registration on GeM Training.
  • Quadrants on GeM
  • Catalogue Management on GeM (both Product and Service Catalogue).
  • Tendering process on GeM Training.
    • Standard Bid.
    • Service Bid.
    • Product Bunch Bid.
    • Service Bunch Bid.
    • Reverse Auction.
    • Forward Auction.
    • Custom Bid.
    • BOQ Bid.
    • GeM Results on Tender
  • Direct purchase on GeM Training
  • Product Comparison on GeM Training upto 5 Lakhs (Order Value)
  • Order Management.
  • Invoice Generation.
  • Payment Process on GeM Training.
  • Incident Management.
  • Overview of Buyer's GeMTraining account.
  • Customized Tips to Grow your Business on GeM Training.
  • Post Training Technical Support on GeM Training

So what are you waiting for? Get on board with us and become an expert on GeM Training! Here to open the gates of opportunities for our candidates! You're no more prey! Learn with us and be the predators of GeM Training!

Benefits of our Training program

Know about the parameters on which GeM Training works, so you can get solutions for all your GeM Training based problems.

Become a GeM Training expert and work with your prospective departments to get orders and government projects.

Getting good knowledge and information will make you more appealing and desirable, providing you an edge over the other bidders.

We have experienced company experts which helps you to get maximum information about the right bids.

You'll be able to create a reputation for your business in government departments.

About Trainer

Your place to trust when it comes to GeM Training for your business!

We have industry experts on GeM Training who have helped a number of businesses to grow. Our trainers have experience of a number of years to help you out in every possible way.

We've provided training for various governments as well as private sectors and companies. We've trained the Indian army specialists and many more clients about GeM Training and helped them in achieving various tenders and bids. We've been training candidates since 2016!

Our trainer Rohit Semwal has helped more than 200k people learn about the Tender portal and bidding process through his YouTube channel 'Rohit Semwal'. He is an expert bidder and an intellectual to guide you to more opportunities!

Don't let lack of knowledge pull you back! Learn with us and be the Shark of this Sea!

Rohit Semwal

Director - bidz365

Why should you choose us?

Learn from the best to become incredible!

  • We are the only private company providing such an extensive, rigorous and detailed training program.
  • Our trainers are expert bidders and have years of experience.
  • Our trainers have already provided training to various government and private sectors.
  • We make the learning process student centric as each batch only consists of 10 students.
  • You can attend the class as per your convenience with our online class structure.
  • We provide immense support to the candidates while and after the course is completed as well.
  • We provide various training videos to simplify and help our candidates to understand the concept with great clarity.
  • Dedicated doubts clearing time after every class and extra session for doubt clearing and revision when the course is completed.
  • Testing and examining your knowledge to provide you with a valid certification.

Our pricing plan made simple

Offline Training details

  • Our Offline Training classes are held throughout the day. So the candidates can choose time as per their convenience.
  • The duration of the course is 15 days with 7 classes on alternate days.
  • Class duration is 1.30 hours with 1.15 hours of teaching and 15 mins for doubt clearing.
  • There are multiple classes everyday, so you can opt for your class timing as per your convenience.
  • Maximum 10 candidates in a class so that the course becomes student-centric.

The best part is here! You can enjoy all of these facilities at a minimal cost of Rs.10000 (+18% GST).

Rs.10000 (+18% GST)
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Online Training details

  • 30 days course with 15 classes on alternate days.
  • 4 weekly classes after the first 15 classes for query solving.
  • Duration of the online training is 2 months.
  • 40 mins class and interactive sessions.
  • Multiple batches a day.
  • Recording of every class plus various educational videos about GeM Training
  • Maximum 10 students in a batch.

With added features and lectures, the online course only cost Rs. 25000 (+18% GST).

Rs. 25000 (+18% GST)
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What Our Client's Says

We are extremely happy for the quality of service provided by Bidz365. We sincerely appreciate their efficient, gracious customer service, the level of detail and accountability they have demonstrated on each tender. I would love to recommend Bidz365 to anyone who needs a Tendering service in the future. We have, and will continue to, recommend your services to other companies and contacts, and we look forward to continuing this relationship.

Usha International Limited

Working with Bidz365 is always a pleasure. Bidz365 has helped us in guiding us through the process of GeM Training marketplace. They are extremely supportive and always available for any queries. We appreciate their efforts.


We recently used services of Bidz365. We appreciate their support and coordination in uploading, and Bid participation in our products. Your prompt response makes us satisfied in initiating the bidding.

Genei Laboratories Private Limited

It took time in establishing trust, and I have checked with many references before I started using bidz365. Now, I would be glad to give a glowing reference for them. Big Thumbs up for their prompt service and quick response.

Navneet Pachori

Thank you Bidz365. Every time we receive quick and good service from Bidz365 for GeM Training tender inquiry. They provide us immediate solution to our query for Tender portal.

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